The DB4 GT Light Weight Makes You Feel Alive

Although today’s cars seem focused on removing humans from driving altogether, cars of the past remind us why driving matters. Stepping into a car like the DB4 GT Lightweight featured in Pertolicous’s latest film reminds us the cars are more than just appliances, they are companions. Comparing a car like the …

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WATCH: How A Ceramic Composite Brake Disc Is Made

Look at supercars and hypercars and you’ll most likely run into ceramic composite materials for their disc brakes. They are chosen because ceramic composite brakes can withstand a lot more heat than their cast iron counterparts. During braking a lot of heat will be generated as the friction material rubs against …

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5 Unique JDM Cars You Can Finally Import

Honda BeatThe Honda Beat was a Pininfarina designed mid-engined Kei Car built by Honda in the mid-1990s.  During its 4-year production run, Honda built over 33,000 of these mini roadsters that offered customers the affordability of a Kei Car with the performance of a mid-engined car. The fairly exotic 3-cylinder …

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