17 Year Old Racer Lost Both Legs After Crash

The hardest part about motorsports is facing the reality of an accident. Despite all of the safety measures that has improved over the years, nothing will violate the laws of physics. And when it comes to faster forms of motorsports, the risks are even more extreme. Last weekend 17 year old Formula 4 …

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The 914-8 Is Porsche’s Forgotten Supercar

The VW van engine in Porsche’s mid-engined 914 didn’t inspire enthusiasts like other Porsche models. It’s humble roots divided the Porsche faithful who couldn’t agree on the 914’s purpose. Some saw it as a cheap distraction while others viewed it as a worthy addition to the lineup. Among the Porsche …

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The Lexus LC500 Is A Budget LFA

The Japanese Unicorn When it comes to rare cars, the Lexus LFA is one of the most elusive super cars to grace the streets of the world. With a production run of just 500 vehicles, you can expect to see an LFA as often as there are solar eclipses. Unless you …

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