Two Weeks Left To Go And There’s A New Video

It’s a short one, but you can’t help get excited about The Grand Tour’s next teaser trailer. The video summarizes The Grand Tour programming in various metrics, including miles driven (According to Clarkson), cups of coffee consumed and how many cars destroyed. All of those numbers sound a bit unbelievable, …

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Chinese Counterfeiters Busted At SEMA

If I told you the government showed up at SEMA you’d probably expect it to be the EPA. After all we all remember that shitstorm last year as the EPA wanted to kill off the aftermarket speed scene like this was Soviet Russia or something. But no, the government showed …

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How To Build A 60’s Mustang That Can Handle

The muscle cars of the 1960’s were known for big V8s, fast quarter mile times, and a complete inability to handle. These old school muscle cars that made American performance cars great can now be transformed into a well-rounded sports car with some modern modifications. Transforming 1960’s muscle cars isn’t …

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