Would You Buy This 518 Horsepower AMG Wagon?

Today someone will be the lucky owner of this amazing E63 AMG Wagon for sale on Bring A Trailer. In the world of cars, nothing beats a fast wagon. They’re the perfect blend of performance and practicality while staying under the radar. Although fast wagons may not resonate with non-enthusiasts, fast …

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What Do Germans Think Of The Mustang?

Love of the Ford Mustang is now global. Although it’s only been on sale for a short time, the Mustang has had a huge impact on Germany. It turns out the Germans can’t resist cheap horsepower making the Ford Mustang the top selling car in its segment. The 5.0 liter …

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How Did GM Let This Happen?

This weekend while in Wegman’s parking lot I was victimized by a Chevy Cruze. I’m not sure who at GM thought it was a good idea to use reverse lights for anything other than signaling a car is in reverse. But GM cars put in park or responding to any key fob …

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