Audi Just Proved They’re Better Than BMW

The BMW tagline “The Ultimate Driving Machine” might be completely right if you ignore reliability issues and electrical and mechanical vulnerabilities. The first four years or 50,000 miles of BMW ownership, where you have warranty coverage and free maintenance, are guaranteed to be the best years you’ll experience, reaffirming the well known …

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How K&N Makes Their Air Filters

The engine air filter is the one thing that keeps your engine functioning at an optimal level. Without it all sorts of dirt, debris, bugs, and other potentially destructive things will happily become part of the combustion process. Run the engine long enough without one and you can expect degraded performance …

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IMSA’s DPi Formula Is Better Than The WEC’s LMP1

Today’s Hybrid LMP1 machinery are technical marvels. They are crammed with so much tech that Formula 1 cars are jealous. Multiple hybrid systems, 1000 combined horsepower they are modern automotive spaceships. From an engineering perspective they are without equal. However with all that technology comes cost and cost will eventually …

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