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  • After A DNF In Malaysia Is Lewis Hamilton Beginning To Crack?

    This has been an incredibly weird Formula 1 season. First Nico Rosberg stormed out of the gate while his teammate, Lewis Hamilton stumbled. I thought for certain that this would launch Nico to the championship. Then Nico started struggling and started crashing into people and then whining about it. Lewis mounted an epic comeback and […] More

  • Oops It Did It Again…

    Oops it did it again It played at Cars & Coffee… And lost some traction… Oh baby baby… Oops you think you drift well… Yeah we’re going to spare the rest of it and stop with the songwriting there. It has happened AGAIN, folks! You think all of the videos and jokes about Mustangs crashing at a […] More

  • LaFerrari Aperta Video Captures All The Emotions Of Owning A Ferrari

    There are many reasons for owning a Ferrari. Maybe you like the ire of random strangers, maybe you enjoy the ownership of fine Italian craftsmanship, or perhaps you plainly like something that’s very rare and very fast. The video revealed by Ferrari in celebration of their LaFerrari Aperta reveal in the 2016 Paris Motor Show, just properly captured all of the emotions […] More

  • Car Goes 174 mph On The ‘Ring. Blows The Doors Clean Off The Car.

    This gives new meaning to that old automotive phrase “blowing the doors off of someone.” Sorry, that wasn’t funny, but it had to be said. The Nurburgring has its fair share of weird stuff happen on it. Like this guy who almost got killed when he got out of his disabled car to try to […] More

  • A Brief History of The Civic Type-R

    With the unveiling of the 5th generation Civic Type-R American car enthusiasts can finally purchase the greatest civic of them all, but before we can dive into this mega hot hatch, we need a history lesson. See for over 20 years Honda has been making this ultimate performance Civic for everyone else in the world […] More

  • Good News! It’s The New Renault Trezor!

    This is no Dacia Sandero, but it is indeed very good news. The new Renault Trezor concept has been revealed at the 2016 Paris Motor Show and it looks downright stunning. The most noticeable feature of the concept is the fighter-jet-esque cockpit door that  swings out of the way. The pure-electric Grand Tourer is a […] More

  • Say Howdy To The First All Electric GT Racing Series

    Show of hands, who here has heard of Electric GT? Anyone? Bueller? I like to think I’m pretty up to date on most forms of racing. Especially GT racing, it is my favorite form of racing. So when I came across Electric GT I was surprised to learn they have been around since March. Formula […] More

  • The New Civic Type-R Looks Angry And It’s Ready To Become The Hot-Hatch King

    The Paris Motor Show is finally here and one of the biggest news to come out is the emergence of the new Civic Type-R. This version is still in prototype mode, which means everything can still change. However, given the existing Civic platform and the usual Civic Type-R visual cues that we’ve come to expect from prior […] More

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