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  • The TDI Roadster We Will Never Get

    In 2009, VW brought the Bluesport Roadster to the Detroit Auto Show with a spec sheet that checked many important boxes. To start, it had the perfect layout for a sports car with the engine in the middle and power running to the rear wheels. Then to make it efficient, VW’s 2.0 liter TDI engine and […] More

  • What The Grand Tour Show Invite Looks Like

    If you came here thinking you’ll hear about when The Grand Tour is coming out on Amazon Prime, check again later. We are also dying to know just like all of you. What we just found out is that Amazon Prime and The Grand Tour ticketing operator, Applause Store, has begun sending out emails contacting […] More

  • Attempt At Viral Video Fails Miserably. Becomes Viral Anyway.

    It seems like you need to break something really expensive get attention on the internet nowadays. Videos of deliberate smashing of iPhones and Playstations on the first day of release seem to get a lot of attention, and not too long ago testing an item’s blend-ability seemed to be all the rage. Now the trend is pointing […] More

  • The Trio Need New Nicknames

    Just very recently we posted about James May’s latest run in with the law on his motorbike, and that he probably shouldn’t be called Captain Slow anymore because of his speeding ticket and also because of potential legal hurdles with the BBC. So we asked our Facebook fans what are some good alternate names for […] More

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