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  • The Latest Transformers Movie Is Going To Have A Whole Lot Of Ugly Cars

    Perhaps we have The Fast And The Furious franchise to thank but every movie that has cars as the centerpiece requires it to be dolled up beyond recognition. The Transformers franchise has been doing the same for awhile but the latest iteration, The Last Knight, is truly going to have some horrendous looking cars. The Bumblebee and Barricade cars […] More

  • Detailed Explanation On How The Variable Compression Engine Works

    Not too long ago Infiniti just unveiled a first of it’s kind production engine, the Variable Compression Turbocharged engine, or VC-T for short. Up until now production engines have fixed compression ratios, as in the distance between the lowest and highest point of the piston’s travel does not change. What Infiniti did with their VC-T is […] More

  • Rosberg Could Receive An Engine Upgrade Over Hamilton

    To ensure he had enough Power Units for the rest of the season (3), Lewis Hamilton took enough penalties that ensured him starting at the back of the grid. His inspired drive to 3rd place made sure he kept his lead in the championship over teammate Nico Rosberg. I don’t care who you are, that […] More

  • How To Lower Your McLaren 570S Resale Value In One Easy Step

    Mistakes. They happen. We are only human after all. When we make these mistakes it’s best to learn from it and never do it again. This is how we grow as a human being. But when you’re working around very high end cars like the McLaren 570s, it is no time to be making mistakes, like this […] More

  • Taking The New Focus RS To The Nurburgring

    If lapping the Nurburgring isn’t on your bucket list you’re gonna need to rewrite it. The Ring is one of the most dangerous places that still allows open track time for anyone with a license and a proper car. This challenging track is the perfect place to bring the new Focus RS, as it was […] More

  • SpeedFX Puts GTR Motor In A GT-86

    So apparently the hot new trend in the tuner car scene is to take a exotic engine and put it into a Toyota GT-86. We all saw the beautiful lunatics stuff a Ferrari V8 into one and now we move on to StreetFX. The boys over at StreetFX purchased their 2013 Toyota GT-86 (Scion FRS […] More

  • This 3-D Printed Car Wasn’t Printed At All. It Was Drawn.

    The Nissan Qashqai (Cash-Kai) is the Nissan Rogue’s European cousin, and according to Nissan themselves, it’s the most popular crossover in Europe, producing an astounding 58 units per hour in the Sunderland, UK plant. To celebrate their launching of the new Qashqai Black Edition, they’ve commissioned a group of artists led by Grace Du Prez, […] More

  • Bryce Menzies Jumps His Trophy Truck Over A New Mexico Ghost Town

    You ever walk through one of those old Wild West towns and think, “I should take my Truck and try to jump over the entire town.” No? Me either. However that didn’t stop Red Bull and their Trophy Truck Driver Bryce Menzies from doing exactly that. Naturally you need to name such a feat of awesome […] More

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