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The Death Of The Viper Gets A Fitting Tribute

The current automotive landscape might look pretty bleak for the enthusiast. The crossover dominates new car sales and the Viper gets discontinued. Those two events is a microcosmic representation of the current state of the automotive industry. In an age where people care less and less about cars, manufacturers appeal …

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Dodge To Release Dart Hellcat

In an announcement that stunned just about everyone, FCA just confirmed the release of a Dart Hellcat for 2018. The pocket-sized sedan will feature the supercharged 6.2l HEMI SRT V8 motor, along with several other goodies to make it all work in the small package. Besides the monstrosity of a …

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The Dodge Demon Will Give You Way More Performance Data Than You Actually Need

So we have yet another Dodge Demon teaser video. Is anyone else getting sick of the constant teasing? The new video features the SRT Performance Pages within the driver-focused Uconnect system. This system is run through the 8.4-inch touchscreen in the center console instrument panel. Here’s what it will look like. Performance Readouts Aplenty The Performance Pages …

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