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What Happened During This 1050 Horsepower Car’s Unveiling Is Truly Embarrassing

Faraday Future just unveiled their first production vehicle, named the FF 91, at the 2017 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. The electric vehicle that’s been dubbed “Tesla-Killer” finally had the chance to show off its capabilities during its presentation. A presentation which felt a lot more like a Silicon Valley style unveiling, …

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Semi Rolls Coal Hard With An 8 Wheel Burnout

I have to be honest here, I wasn’t really familiar with the whole “Rolling Coal” thing before I saw this video. According to Wikipedia, Rolling Coal is the practice of intentionally disabling the Clean Burn Programming of a computer controlled diesel engine, so that the vehicle can emit an under-aspirated sooty …

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The Next Oil Crisis

Bloomberg Business thinks that the next oil crisis might be caused by the massive adoption of the electric car, and they might be right. In their first episode of Sooner Than You Think series, they discuss the economics behind the 2014 oil crisis, which was caused by the over supply …

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Tesla Smashes Q4 Projections for Model S

If you haven’t heard of Tesla, you’re probably not really into cars. Or you’re into 19th century mad scientists. Either way, both are highly awesome.The Tesla I’m referring to makes electric vehicles for the masses and their most popular model is the S. It is a stunning car that can …

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