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Can A Resurrected Dino Save Ferrari?

Ferrari cannot survive without a new entry level car. In a world before competitors like McLaren, their model lineup was fine. But in today’s competitive marketplace sales mean survival, and Ferrari is missing a vital product. They Lack a strong entry-level supercar, and the only way for Ferrari to generate …

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The Ferrari F80 Concept – Ready for Mach 1?

  Pininfarina and Ferrari is a forged partnership, synonymous with super cars such as the F12 Berlinetta. For nearly 70 years, Pininfarina has designed close to 200 Ferraris, but for the first time, Pininfarina did not design the premier flagship. With the advent of the La Ferrari, in-house Ferrari designers at Maranello …

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New Automotive Scandal Brews. This Time For Ferrari

Despite improvements in automotive reliability, performance, and efficiency, scandals seem to stick around and rear its ugly head every now and then. This time the scandal involves the illustrious and hyper exclusive Ferrari brand. The Daily Mail obtained this story from a lawsuit that they’ve exclusively obtained, where a veteran Ferrari salesman …

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