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NASCAR Bans Ovals

HUGE. MASSIVE. NASCAR has just made a stunning move to increase the popularity of the series as a whole. Many race fans think NASCAR is bullshit racing. There I said it. It’s no secret that driving around in circles is not what most Formula 1 or GT3 fans enjoy. Thought …

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Chevy Cruze Hatch Gets Annihilated By “Mahk”

He shoots and scores again! “Mahk” from the Zebra Corner YouTube channel buries another Chevrolet’s “Real People” ad. At this rate it seems like no Chevrolet product is safe. He has destroyed the Malibu, has destroyed the Cruze, ridiculed their J.D. Power Initial Quality ad, (by the way, just what the hell …

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HOW TO: Change Your Blinker Fluid

We’re sorry. Well not really, they were pretty fun to write. A few of our posts from today were not true. We’ll let you, the good readers, decipher which ones were untruthful [HINT: all of them]. This is a pretty big tradition for internet based auto journals and it wasn’t …

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