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The Flyin’ Miata Validates Your Masculinity

The madmen at Flyin’ Miata are professional Miata surgeons. They’ve been performing surgery on Miatas since the 90s but they’re most recent creation is their best yet. They take a new ND Miata, add a 525bhp 6.2-litre V8, and create the maddest Miata you can buy new today. Enthusiasts can’t leave …

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Would You Mod A V6 Mustang?

Easily overshadowed by its V8 sibling, the V6 Mustang never resonated with enthusiasts. It was down on power and didn’t have the signature V8 rumble associated with its muscle car appearance. Today V6 Mustangs are dirt cheap. They offer an affordable way to own a Rear drive coupe with a …

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Remembering The D-Type That Made Jaguar

There are beautiful cars and then there’s the D-Type. This LeMans winning racecar not only proved Jaguar could build fast cars, but it gave the brand identity. The D-Type was the result of an ambitious little British car manufacturer trying to win the world’s greatest race. Winning LeMans is no easy task …

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