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MINI Superleggera To See Production Within Next Few Years

According to reports from multiple sources (here and here), that MINI Superleggera that took us off guard last summer is set to hit production in 2018. Sources told Car Magazine that the go ahead has been given by BMW to make this stunningly beautiful little Mazda Miata fighter (as noted in the Evo article, they believe it to be direct competition to the MX-5). Based on looks alone, I feel this is more of an Alfa 4C competitor, but that remains to be seen due to the fact that there’s no word on power or powertrain. I believe something along the lines of a 4-cyl, 200+ HP engine driving the rear wheels, not the typical MINI FWD offering. The concept however had an AWD, hybrid electric setup, so this is all speculation, but it’s fun to brainstorm right?




Since its debut last summer at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este north of Milan, Italy, the automotive world instantly fell for this unique and staggeringly gorgeous concept that was very out of the ordinary for the MINI brand, better known for its pricy little hatchbacks. To me, it looks retro-chic and I personally wouldn’t mind being seen in it on the streets of a funky European city. I think this is a great step in a totally unknown direction for MINI and the Superleggera should add a bit of whimsy and water-cooler chatter about what’s to come for the brand. What are your thoughts?




Photo credits: Evo and Carfanaticsblog

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