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Honda Civic Type R Will Make More Power Than You Think

SEMA is here and the next car to be teased is the Honda Civic Type R. Although it will be the very first Type-R to grace the Land of the Free, it won’t be here until mid year 2017 and wearing a 2018 model year badge. The version being displayed at SEMA is a prototype version that was teased a while back, looking angry and ready to be the next hot hatch king. Now The Fast Lane Car has just unveiled it via YouTube by interviewing Sage Marie, senior public manager for the American Honda Motor Company.

There wasn’t a lot that he could reveal about the car but he has mentioned that the American version of the Type-R will be making a little more than the 300 horsepower European version that’s available now. Check out the walk around video below:

(Source: The Fast Lane Car)

Written by Hansen

The engineer amongst the crew, Hansen once built a mini baja car with his bare hands. Hansen had the opportunity to join Honda’s R&D team in Ohio but chose the life of the east coast and the defense industry instead. A die hard auto enthusiast he religiously follows the auto industry and loves long walks in the auto shows.


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