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The Next Jaguar F-Type Could Go All Electric

Long Live the V8

The next generation Jaguar F-Type is rumored to be all electric ushering in a new age of Jaguar performance cars. This switch would mean trading in the car’s raucous Supercharged engines for something much quieter. Would an electric F-Type make sense?

In an interview with Autocar Jaguar Design Chief Ian Callum told Autocar an F-Type replacement is at least 2 years away. So start saving your pennies because soon the market will be flooded with used F-Types.

Well with current automotive trends, of course, it makes sense to look toward electricity as the future, but the F-Type is more than just numbers. The Jaguar F-Type is one of my favorite cars to drive and it’s not because it has the best steering or most engaging chassis. It’s the noise.

The Jaguar F-Type is the best car in the world for making noise and electricity can never replace that. The Jaguar F-Type howls when you press the accelerator and release a barrage of artillery fire when you let off. This symphony of noise is absolutely addicting. Sure speed is fun, but crafting a symphony with your right foot is far better.

I don’t care if the electric F-Type is twice as fast as the current car. There are plenty of cars that are perfectly suited for electric drivetrains but the F-Type isn’t one of them. Today it’s hard to find a car with a soul. The F-Type is one of those few cars that will talk to you and I’m going to miss that.

Written by Chris Okula - Contributor

Chris was raised on Top Gear, automotive magazines, and the idea that the Corvette was the greatest car ever built. Today he spends his time creating automotive content and saving up for his next car.


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