Bike VS. Bugatti

bugatti versus kawasaki ninja bike

Who do you think will win this race: A Kawasaki Ninja H2 that has a supercharged 998cc engine versus a Bugatti Veyron that has a 16 cylinder quad turbo engine? The speeds these vehicles attain is just downright insane and shows that the adrenaline rush you get from a million dollar …

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Yes, You Can Afford A GT-R!


The Nissan GT-R is one badass vehicle. We’ve driven one during the International Motor Press Association Test Days up in Monticello, New York, and it was very capable on the street and a true blast on the track. It was so good that we have been thinking about buying one for the …

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You Think The Chiron Sounds Good? Check Out It’s Insane Gran Turismo Inspired Cousin.

bugatti vision gt

By now we all know the new Bugatti Chiron sounds ridiculous. If you didn’t know that, click here and you’ll see just how monstrous it is. Before the Chiron came to be, Bugatti designed a car for Gran Turismo’s Vision Concept platform where auto makers could expand their horizons on …

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Ford Celebrates Crushing Ferrari With Some Special Edition Cars You’re Going To Want

Ford Focus RS LeMans

50 years ago, Ford dominated the 24 Hours of LeMans by sweeping the podium with their GT40 race car. As the story goes, this was a direct slap to the face of Ferrari. As Ford tried to buy Ferrari back in the 1960s, it was all but assured the deal …

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VIDEO: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The 2017 Nissan GTR

2017 nissan gtr detail video

We covered the North American reveal of the facelifted 2017 Nissan GT-R at the 2016 New York International Auto Show. The slight evolutionary design is a welcomed change as the new version brings more livability with a redesigned interior, more power, and a more corporate face. There’s been rumors that …

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Top Gear’s LeBlanc: It’s Not Chris And I Doing Jeremy Clarkson Impressions.

Top gear Leblanc

New Top Gear’s Matt LeBlanc did an interview with Vulture and shared a bit more detail about the show’s structure and his thoughts about people’s expectations of the show. We are just days away from the return of the show, and if the internet is any gauge for success, many …

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GT350 Review: The Best Bang For Your Buck, For Now


Buying the Shelby GT350 and never taking it to the track is like hiring a professional chef to help you operate the microwave, it’s a total waste. You can say the same about most track dedicated cars, but the hardware and engineering of the Shelby GT350 is something you truly need to experience within …

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Model X Beats Supercar In A Drag Race, While Also Towing A Copy Of The Same Supercar

tesla model x motor trend

So, here’s the thing. We can bitch and moan and whine and throw a temper tantrum all we like, but there’s a fact of life in the automotive world that’s here to stay for good it seems. That fact is electric cars are here to stay. While many old the …

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Labor Protests Threaten Le Mans

15 le mans finish

Sometimes you just got to say, “God bless the French.” I mean the one French thing us motoring enthusiasts care about is the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Now, thanks to strikes and protests there could be a fuel shortage. A fuel shortage that could impact the Le Mans Test Day …

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Muscle Cars Are Deflated. Mustang, Camaro, Challenger Struggle In Crash Tests.

Modern muscle wide

Here in the U.S. the International Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) is in charge of crash testing any and every car that could be on an American roadway. The IIHS crash testing is widely regarded as some of, if not the tops in the entire industry, subjecting cars to brutal …

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New Top Gear Presenter To Clarkson Loyalists: Grow Up And Move On.

rory reid top gear

So Rory Reid, former CNET employee and new Top Gear presenter on the TG spinoff “Extra Gear,” just sat down with Car Throttle for an interview about his new gig, what he’s currently driving, his media portrayal as a “gangster” because of an unfortunately timed pic, and other topics. But …

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Bonkers 2JZ Engine Produces Massive Burnout And Drifting Goodness. Then Decides To Explode.

2jz-gte blow up

We Finally Found A 2JZ Engine That Failed; granted it was on purpose and had crap tons of power. The car in the video below, a Nissan Silvia with a 2JZ-GTE swapped into it, is a purpose built drift machine and all around burnout brawler. Cars like this are built …

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Rosberg Admits Crash That Took Out He And Hamilton Was His Fault

nico rosberg

I think Nico just took the blame for the first lap crash between he and Lewis Hamilton during the Spanish Grand Prix. By now we all know what happened: Nico takes the lead, engine in wrong mode, Hamilton gets a run, Nico moves down to block, Hamilton in grass, spins, …

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How To Ruin A Cutlass 442: Cam Newton Edition.

cn 442 2

Few things in sports are as sweet as watching your favorite team win a Championship. I was lucky enough to have my Broncos win the Super Bowl this past February. While having your team win is more than enough, that cherry on top was making Cam Newton look foolish. Newton …

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If The BBC Had Any Sense, They’d Hire Tiff Needell IMMEDIATELY!

Tiff 1

Ever since the “fracas” Top Gear has been a hot button issue. Undeterred the BBC re-cast the immensely popular motoring show almost immediately. Now the re–cast Top Gear is just days away from its premiere. While Top Gear is almost here another British car show has been recently canceled. Via …

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