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Game Review: Need For Speed


This is not Gran Turismo, Forza, or Project Cars. Need for Speed is a fast and the furious simulator, and this year’s iteration, though not perfect, is the best one yet. If you haven’t played any Need For Speed games, it is an arcade style racing game where you get to modify …

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2016 Buick Regal GS: First Looks

Regal gs side 1

Buick has been trying to appeal to the younger crowd, so when they told us we can have a Buick Regal to review, we were all like “Ugh, I can’t even…” But when they told us it was going to be the 2016 Buick Regal GS, equipped with a turbocharged 2.0 liter engine and all …

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Caddy Has Finally Made An M3 Fighter In The ATS-V


Cadillac. It wasn’t that long ago when their vehicles were the transportation of choice for the elderly and Italian “businessmen.” With one of their main demographics “moving on,” and the other opting for Mercs, Cadillac needed something to drive sales. Something with presence. Something with attitude. Enter the Escalade. Launched …

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Aston Martin Closing in on F1 Return

aston martin

As we reported back in July, Aston Martin was rumored to be seeking a return to Formula 1 with Red Bull Racing. While that report fell a bit flat as it’s not with Red Bull Racing, I am happy to report that Aston Martin is very close to reaching a partnership with …

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IMPA Test Days, the Nissan GTR, and the BMW i8. Life Is Good.


The 2015 International Motor Press Association Test Days are two wonderful days where automotive journalists and PR professionals can drive a massive collection of cars around a track. Cars ranging from the ubiquitous Scion iM’s and iA’s, all the way to the exclusive Bentley Continental GT V8 S are available for test drives. …

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Do Driving Shoes Really Make A Difference?


I always say that tires are the most important part of a car. They’re the only thing on your car in contact with the road. Without them, there’s no grip, no fun in the twisties, no stopping, and no mind bending acceleration. With that in mind, you might say that …

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Full Review: 2015 BMW M235i


Enthusiasts will tell you that BMWs offerings are now watered down. Automotive journals will tell you that BMWs offerings are now watered down. Purists will tell you that BMWs offerings are now watered down. “They’ve gone the route of making money over making good cars!” Pick up any magazine worth reading …

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Full Review: VW GTI

gti logo

The last VW I drove was the Polo and you can read the review here. It is small, underpowered, but still a blast to thrash around. The VW Polo is the proper car for Greek roads where city streets are cramped and congested, and the highways are typically deserted. A 60 hp 3-cylinder engine is appropriate as acceleration is …

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Today I attempted life and it was awesome


Please humor me for a moment. Today marks World Suicide Prevention day. It’s a hugely important day the world over because so many people are troubled and getting the word out and talking about suicide will not only help increase awareness about depression and suicide itself, but it might also …

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