Jay Leno Gets Into Nasty Crash In A 2,500 Horsepower Car

jay leno crash hemi under glass car

This isn’t your typical Jay Leno’s Garage episode. In this gut-wrenching episode, Jay Leno climbs into a Hemi Under Glass Barracuda that has an astonishing 2,500 horsepower under the hood glass. The Hemi engine has been placed in the rear of the car instead of the front. While this makes …

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Half Million VW Diesel Owners Are Hearing Cha-Ching!

volkswagen diesel settlement

Volkswagen has been bracing itself for stiff fines for duping their consumers with diesel emission testing cheat software installed on every 2.0 liter diesel that they made. The scandal known as ‘Dieselgate’ surfaced in September 2015 and was quickly followed with the wrath of consumers and the U.S. government. Earlier this …

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VIDEO: The Worst Part Of This Porsche Is The Driver. CRINGE

panamera garage teenager

This is the most cringeworthy parking job ever recorded in the history of mankind. This poor Porsche Cayenne has suffered the fate of being driven by an unlicensed 16 year old. The teenager had been involved in a minor hit-and-run earlier in the day somewhere in Vancouver, Canada. Presumably he …

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An Island Full Of Jeremy Clarksons Is The Worst Place… In The World


This may be an old Harry and Paul skit, but we never get tired of it. There hasn’t been too many automotive related skits in the world, the latest one being about a Mercedes Benz that runs purely on AA batteries, so when we run across one it is especially …

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Irish Soccer Fans Dented Car’s Roof. Fixes It With Cash, Booze, And Some Banging

irish fans fix dent

No, you’re not looking at a riot. In America, scenes like this are usually followed by flipping the car over and/or setting it on fire. Perhaps accompanied by a nightly news coverage of how our society is going down the drain. What you’re actually looking at is a bunch of Irish …

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This Stunt Vehicle Can Be Disguised As Any Car. How They Do It Is Unbelievable!


Our eyes have deceived us again! This Mad Max looking vehicle, called The Mill BLACKBIRD, is an action director’s new best friend. It’s a resizable and customizable vehicle rig that can perform driving maneuvers without using the actual car you’re trying to portray. This is a literal stunt car that can take …

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Burning Racecar Turns On Autopilot Mode, Cue Benny Hill Music

burning lotus racecar backup

What do you do when your racecar catches on fire? You jump out! Of course you do, why on earth would you stick around?! This driver of a Lotus in the Lotus Cup Europe race, at Circuit Paul Ricard, somehow got his car to start burning in all the wrong …

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This Very Limited Mustang Will Shred The 700 Horsepower Hellcat


You read that right. Move over Dodge Challenger/Charger Hellcat, there’s a new king in town, and it’s a Ford. The folks at Hennessey Performance managed to shoehorn a 2.9 liter supercharger system atop of the existing 5.0 liter Coyote V8 found in the Ford Mustang GT. They also infused the …

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Badass Batmobile Gets Introduced In The Lamest Way

batmobile jay leno garage

Jay Leno has accomplished a lot throughout his life and managed to amass the most impressive collection of automobiles in the world. Needless to say he doesn’t have to impress anyone anymore, I mean, have you seen how he talks on Jay Leno’s Garage? Give the man some caffeine, please! …

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“I F***ing Hit A Deer!”

bike deer accident

Living in Shifting Lanes headquarters, it’s not rare to see suicidal deer lurch out in the middle of the road. In fact we recorded a stubborn deer standing in the middle of the road in our group drive with the 2016 Camaro. In this video Youtuber, Oneroadchopper, was recording a vlog …

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The Lexus CT200h F-Sport, Proof Lexus Engineers Have A Sense Of Humor.

Lexus-ct200h - 12 (1)

Deep in the bowels of the ShiftingLanes.com World Headquarters there was a meeting. Many things were discussed. However for the purposes there was 1 decision that stood out. Somehow, against my will, I would be given the unenviable task of reviewing the eco cars. Mind you this is not because I like …

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Company Has An Elegant Solution For Not So Elegant Cars

pearl auto backup camera license plate frame

A new company called Pearl has been working on a product called RearVision, a stealthy backup camera disguised as a license plate frame. The $500.00 preorder price tag consists of the license plate frame equipped with two cameras (one for daytime and an infrared camera for the nighttime), an OBDII …

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Aston Martin Thrives Off Your Envy


That’s enough, Aston Martin! We get it, you make beautiful cars. This latest piece of eye candy is the Aston Martin Limited Edition Vanquish Zagato. It’s not like the limited edition Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer that your aunt won’t stop blabbing about, there’s only 99 examples of these available, and all of …

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This Is What A LS1 Firing Order Looks Like, In Lightbulbs

V8 LS1 lightbulb

We recently reviewed the Shelby GT350 and we glorified the Italian Supercar-like engine that makes 526 horsepower out of a naturally aspirated 5.2 liter V8 engine. It’s unlike any other good ol’ American V8 in that it has a Flat-Plane Crank, meaning it has a different firing order. The crank …

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The Auto Industry, Clarkson, And May Talk About Brexit. WTF is Brexit?!

jeremy clarkson james may brexit

If you caught the latest episode of Top Gear, the Stig thinks Brexit is some sort of laxative and that for tax purposes he’s classified as a Biscuit. Being an American and proud of it, I was quite fond of biscuits but clearly ignorant of Brexit. So I brushed away the …

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