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Gran Turismo: How a video game changed car culture forever

GT original logo - playstation

Once upon a time, the automobile was conceived. And it was good. Shortly thereafter, Gran Turismo was made; or so it would seem to this generation of digitally savvy automotive enthusiasts. And it was also good. Gran Turismo (GT) has been around for what seems like forever, and I’m not ...

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The Day My Childhood Ended

Ayrton Senna Lotus

Before the mainstream sports obsessions, school dances, awkward teen years, supremely fun college parties, graduating, finding a wonderful woman and eventual settling down, there was F1. F1 was my first love. The love of my life when I was a kid. Broadly, racing was my life. My father planted the ...

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This Is Some Of The Best Driving You Will Ever See

Screen Grab

As we continue to argue over who was the best/worst of anything at the New York International Auto Show this year, we stumbled across a bit of video you might enjoy. Here we find driver Denny Stripling doing what we all wish we could do in real life, and generally ...

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2015 NYIAS in Pictures


The 2015 NYIAS is now open to the public and in case you cannot make it we have compiled some shots of some noteworthy and cool cars below. In case you missed the big reveals over the past two days you can catch them in our liveblog here

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Auto Show Tuner Cars


The 2015 New York International Auto Show press reveals are over and is now open to the public from April 3rd to April 12th. You can catch all of the big reveals in here. We have also gathered below some photos of tuner cars that can be found in the ...

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Mitsubishi Outlander


So it would appear I some how “lucked” into the official ShiftingLanes writer for SUV/Semi Offroaders reveals this year.  This was not by choice.  However, Soldiering on.  Latest offering, The New 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander.  Which coincidencedental is coming out in the summer 2015. Mitsubishi is very proud of all the ...

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Volkswagen SportWagen Alltrack & Beetle Concepts


  In another poorly kept secret Volkswagen announced the Official North  American Debut of the all new Golf SportWagen Alltrack.  This new station wagon offers a combination of car comfort and handling with greater ground clearance (1 inch higher than the standard Golf and All Wheel Drive.  The advanced AWD ...

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Nissan Maxima


The new Nissan Maxima made its television debut during the Superbowl earlier this year, making you believe that a seasoned racecar driver prefers to ride home in a fully loaded Maxima. In that commercial the car had a minivan like beltline giving the illusion of a much larger car. Under ...

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2015 NYIAS: World Car Of The Year Awards


Day 2 of the New York Auto Show begins each year with the World Car of the Year Awards (WCOTY). Last year there were many categories showcasing some of the most exclusive cars in the world. This year is no different. Here are the categories and the nominees. Green COTY ...

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2015 NYIAS: Day One Wrap Up


Day one of the 2015 New York International Auto Show has finally wrapped up, and we have seen some impressive and less than stellar reveals. Which one was your favorite reveal? Let us know! Also, here is a small teaser of what we can expect tomorrow:

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Hyundai Tucson


One of my friends recently started shopping for a car for his wife. As far as he could tell her only requirement was All Wheel Drive.  He had added a few more, such as economy and value.  I think the new Tucson might be the solution to both their needs. ...

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McLaren Sports Series


We have shared the press shots of the tiny McLaren . This time the car is revealed at the 2015 New York International Auto Show alongside the rest of the family P1 GTR and the 675LT. The triumvirate of cars make up the Ultimate, Super, and now the more reasonable ...

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Infiniti Premiers The All New QX50


   Infiniti QX50, take a bow. You’re officially here. A new front end and an extended 3.2″ makes this a more versatile and better looking car than the outgoing model (FX37). It will be available this fall at your local Infiniti dealer.    QX30 crossover coupe concept also made its ...

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Cadillac CT6


In the worst kept secret of the  2015 New York International Auto Show Cadillac officially revealed the brand new CT6. The CT6 ushers a new Era for Cadillac.  The CT6 introduces Cadillac’s new alpha numeric model system.  What that actually means is yet to be seen. Cadillac has a bold ...

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Honda Civic Concept


The new Honda Civic Concept has been revealed, and it looks… just like you thought a Civic would look, small sized but big-hearted. Honda claims that the new concept will be a game changer, a term that’s lightly thrown around these days and guaranteed to fall very far short. Looking ...

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Kia Optima


KIA has been a serious automotive contender for the past few years. Their emergence with Hyundai has placed the South Korean automotive brand squarely in the hearts and minds of Americans as they plop down their hard-earned cash at the dealership. Since 2009 KIA has produced 20 new or redesigned ...

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Subaru BRZ Performance Variant, Confirmed!


That BRZ STI we’ve all been clamoring for? Still not sure. But Dominik Infante of Subaru of America did confirm to me the US will be getting JDM performance variants of certain Subaru Models. The BRZ included. So what we can say is that we will get a BRZ S, ...

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