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  • Illegal Top Speed Run of Ferrari F40 On Japanese Highway

    The Ferrari F40 had a top speed of 199 miles per hour. Although impressive, the 199 mph run was not enough to beat Porsche’s 959 S’s top speed of 211 mph or the RUF Yellow Bird’s run of 213 mph. Even though the F40 wasn’t the fastest car on earth its performance was incredible. Today […] More

  • This 750 hp Corvette Vs 850 hp Corvette Drag Race Is Better Than Coffee This Morning

    The Corvette ZR1 never needed more horsepower. That didn’t stop John Hennessey from adding 100 horsepower power to the ZR1. Although the ZR1 was powerful enough the extra 100 horsepower has some dramatic effects. The Hennessey HPE850 Package for the ZR1 includes some serious upgrades to extra this extra power. A Smaller lower pulley, Long […] More

  • Watch Corvette’s New Mid-Engine Race Car Test At Sebring!

    We all know the new C8 Corvette will be a mid-engine supercar slaying monster. We also know that said monster has already been turned into a race car by the boys over at Pratt & Miller. Hell, we even know how this new race car will sound thanks to videos like the one above. The above […] More

  • Living With An Electric Car Changed My Mind

    I assume that if you’re reading this you’re an automotive enthusiast. By and large, that is who reads automotive journals. Well then you might be shocked to find out that one very well known automotive enthusiast has officially been swayed by the electric car craze. And it also might be time to stop calling it […] More

  • What Is Going To Happen To All These New Turbo Cars 20 Years From Now?

    “Well, I guess it’s not the worst car you could drive,” I said, staring into the engine bay of a new-to-him Volvo 940 my dad had just bought. He insists that the “redblock” motors found in the venerable Swedish machines have the survivability of an African Grey parrot. I take no issue with that, as long […] More

  • This Is What 112 psi of Boost Looks Like

    A normal turbocharged car makes around 13 psi from the factory. Even if you tune a street car it’s rare to crest 25 psi. When I saw this truck on YouTube making 112 psi I wasn’t even sure what to think. The 4g63 engine is an absolute legend. Every good Mitsubishi from the 90s and early […] More

  • The GenesisG70 Has the World’s Best Car Configurator

    The Genesis G70 is an amazing car. After driving both the V6 and the inline-4 it’s safe to say I want one. Usually, when I want a car I cannot afford, I take out my woes on the car’s online configurator. This time I was building my perfect G70 when I stumbled upon a recent update to the […] More

  • The Real Reason The Jeep Gladiator Doesn’t Have a V8

    The Jeep Gladiator is finally here and Jeep enthusiasts can finally tow our haul their other off-road toys with a Jeep truck. The Jeep Gladiator is a big deal, mixing off-road ability with truck practically but one thing is missing, a V8. Traditionally if a truck doesn’t have a V8 it better has a pretty good excuse. […] More

  • The Grand Tour Season 3 Trailer Is Here!

    We have been eagerly covering the build-up to the next season of the Grand Tour here at Shifting Lanes and now, finally, the trailer has dropped! You can watch it by clicking below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments! More

  • Here’s Why The Cadillac CT6-V Will Be A Future Collector’s Dream Come True

    GM announced that they’re closing all non-essential manufacturing plants including the home of Cadillac’s new CT6 luxury sedan. The Caddilac CT6 was set to have a high-performance V version powered by a twin turbo V8. Sadly the plant that builds it will close in a few months meaning the CT6-V is going to be a very […] More

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