The Alfa Romeo 4C Is A Terrible Car In The Most Awesome Way Possible.


When you take a step back and look at the Alfa Romeo 4C it shouldn’t be a good car. It’s small yet exceedingly wide. It has no power-steering, no manual transmission, it doesn’t even have a trunk. The rear “window” rattles and the radio looks like something right out of …

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Restoring A Hot Wheels Car Is Just As Intricate As The Real Thing


Car restoration is a mega business now. You have shops that restore old Ferraris, Porsches, hell, they even restore old normal cars these days. OEMs are even putting in high end original tuning shops into their  infrastructure. So if you own a real can and want it to get a …

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The Unexpected Joy Of Tracking An Economy Car


This week the Shifting Lanes staff and I spent two days in an auto enthusiast’s heaven. We attended IMPA test days at the beautiful Monticello Motor club nestled in the rolling hills of the New York countryside where we were greeted with a parking lot full of the most exciting …

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Moronic Driver Put Lives At Risk


We’ll file this under “Terrible Footage Coming Out of Russia.” You’d think Russia’s main exports are natural gas, petroleum, and other raw metals, but based on the endless supply of terrible automotive crashes caught on video, we beg to differ. This time we see a Volkswagen Tiguan doing an improper left turn from the inside lane of …

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America’s Vice President Does A Burnout


The new season of Jay Leno’s Garage is coming up on November 9th, and based on the teaser he just tweeted, there’s going to be lots of unique cars and unique guests. Among them is Vice President, Joe Biden. Just like the President, the VP doesn’t get much freedom either …

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The Jaguar F-Type SVR Is An Automotive Reality Check


In today’s world of eco-friendly cars and sensible engineering, the F-Type SVR Stands out like a Jaguar in a chicken coupe. The SVR is the ultimate version of Jaguar’s coupe and represents one of the maddest creations ever to wear the Jaguar badge. It’s faster, louder, and ever more powerful …

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One Of The Greatest Video Game Franchises Will Feature A Lewis Hamilton Cameo


Call of Duty has consumed vast quantities of my life. There is no doubt about it, CoD is one of my favorite video game franchises of all time and based on their run away freight train sales I’m obviously not alone. However in recent years they have gone this futuristic …

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It’s Time Kevin Magnussen Faced Reality

Image: McLaren

Here we go again, the motor racing silly season is firmly upon us. The F1 season isn’t even over and yet plans for 2017 are already if full swing. First domino to drop was Nico Hulkenberg moving from Force India to Renault. Next up seems to be current F1 driver …

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Lots Of New Information About The Grand Tour


The filming at Whitby have ended and based on the small detail that we’ve seen, it’s going to be one great episode in a series of a really awesome show, The Grand Tour. Now we’ve come across new and unverified information from an AMA in 4chan, so believe this as …

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VIDEO: The Grand Tour Terrorizing Whitby

the grand tour - clarkson hammond may

You can expect a ton of shenanigans from The Grand Tour trio, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, when it airs on Amazon Prime in November 18th. This latest footage from Whitby is further confirmation that there’s going to be a lot of silliness like a giant boat named …

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This Is The Pass Of The Year


You know, so many passes happen in motorsports every year and in every type of racing that it’s very difficult to pin point the best of the best every year. This year might be a bit easier because this is easily the most ridiculous past this year, and possibly that …

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VIDEO: The Biggest And Baddest Corvette Spotted On The Road


Forget the Corvette Stingray, Ignore the gorgeous Corvette Grand Sport, and who cares about the Z06? The King Of The Hill is the ZR1 and the C7’s take on the cream of the crop Corvette has just been spotted. And Boy! does that wing look gigantic?! The footage suggests that …

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Trump Isn’t The Only Victim From Saturday Night Live. Honda Got Their Fair Share


Saturday Night Live has been known for shredding political candidates for many decades, and the latest episode spared no punches for the Republican Candidate, Donald Trump. But the latest SNL episode, now in its 42nd season, also targeted Honda and its robotics program, Honda’s Advanced Step In Innovative Mobility, or better …

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How To Turn A Normal Explorer Into A Police Cruiser Clone


Do you own a Ford Explorer ? Are you tired of getting stuck behind slow drivers in the left lane? Well, we have the solution for you, with a few choice modifications you can gain all the respect and road presence of a police cruise minus the cage and sirens. …

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Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich Downplays Audi LMP1 Exit


Last Friday reports began to surface indicating Audi would be leaving LMP1 after the 2017 season.  Earlier this month Rebellion announced it will be leaving the LMP1 Privateer Class. Leaving ByKolles to run the sole LMP1 Privateer car this season. Admittedly the LMP1 Privateer Class has never gained the steam …

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