VIDEO: EVO X Went Shiny Side Down During A Rally


This is one brutal crash. This video just proves how much skill, luck, and courage is needed to be successful at rallying. The Mitsubishi EVO X, which is currently only available in its Final Edition, took this turn a little too hot, causing it to lose traction and slide into a ditch …

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How Many Miles Can You Go On Empty? It Depends On What You’re Driving


Can you recall the Seinfeld episode where Kramer goes on a test drive to see just how far he can make it while the car’s on empty? In the episode he begins his trek during the afternoon while the fuel gage is squarely in the middle of the “E” zone. He continues …

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Video: Mark Webber Takes To The Streets Of London In His 919 Hybrid LMP1 Car


Porsche is quite proud of its hybrid technology. Their 919 Hybrid LMP1 car won Le Mans and both the Driver’s and Constructor’s WEC Championships last year and is well on its way to repeating that feat this season. Former F1 driver, current WEC Champion and Porsche LMP1 Driver Mark Webber …

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BMW Announces Return To Le Mans AND FE Partnership With Andretti

06.06.-13.06.2010 Le Mans (FR), Andy Priaulx (GB), Dirk Müller (DE), Dirk Werner (DE), No 79, Team BMW Motorsport, BMW M3 GT2 Art Car designed by Jeff Koons, 2010 Le Mans 24 Hours (LM24). This image is Copyright free for editorial use © BMW AG

Tuesday saw 2 big announcements from BMW Motorsports. The first was their announced return to Le Mans in 2018. The German brand announced Tuesday that they will be a replacement for their M6 GT LM. The M6 GT LM is a modified version of their M6 GT3 car. The other teams …

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The 964 Turbo Makes You A Better Driver


The 964 911 is one of the most talked about cars among enthusiasts, from restorations like Singer 911’s to the early Carrera models, the air cooled 964s are the perfect blend of new and old. These honest cars have captured the imaginations of enthusiasts around the world, and continue to …

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All Of Fast & Furious Gear Shifting In One Video


We’ve all seen the fast and furious movies and have generally complained/poked fun at the number of times the gear shifter has been manhandled in these movies. Now someone has taken the time to stitch together all of the gear shifting scenes from ALL of the Fast & Furious movies, …

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James May’s Voice Will Make You Crash Into A Tree


Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May might be the busiest guys in the entertainment industry right now. Not only are they busy filming for their new show The Grand tour, but they’re also heading up their new website Drivetribe, a reddit style content aggregator but focusing on cars and …

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The 10 Worst Things About Daily Driving


Driving is a gift. We all know it and we all love it. But there are some instances when driving just becomes a chore. The daily commute is pretty much the only time it gets to be that much of an annoyance. So what annoys us most? Daily driving can …

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The Acura TL Peaked in High School


The third generation Acura TL represented the best of mid 2000’s Honda, it perfectly blended a stout reliable drive train with a well sorted chassis to create a legitimate sport sedan. This generation TL quickly became the greatest sports sedan built by Acura, and has yet to be eclipsed today. …

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Is Ford Leaving America?


If you listened to Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump at the first Presidential debate it will sound as if Ford and a lot of other companies plan on taking their manufacturing capabilities elsewhere. Trump mentioned: “So Ford is leaving. You see that, their small car division leaving. Thousands of jobs leaving Michigan, …

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What The Toyota Supra MKV Might Look Like


The internet is a wonderful place. You can readily ruin your reputation in seconds, collaborate with many other people with very little effort, and you can also make a boat load of money doing nothing other than filming yourself and talking about video games. When it comes to cars, the …

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The Grand Tour Pictures From Southern California


The Grand Tour Boys just wrapped up their filming in California and judging from these pics from Twitter and our friends at Grand Tour Nation, the old Top Gear trio had a thrilling good time. A much better time than when they were under the scrutiny of the BBC. Leading …

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Diseselgate Kills Another VW Engine. 400HP, 4-Cylinder Likely Dead.


Thanks VW, way to ruin all the good engines for everyone. The Golf R400 was supposed to be happening relatively soon. Instead, it and the 400+ HP, 2.0 liter, 4-cylinder engine that would have powered it are likely dead. You can thank VW itself for this as dieselgate is directly …

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What Happened Before This F40 Fire Is The Stuff Of Nightmares


This is one that is going to hurt for a long time. I’m still hurting about this and I read this hours ago. Ugh. What a waste. The Ferrari F40, as we all know, is arguably the greatest supercar ever made. It is the benchmark for which all other supercars …

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You Can Now Own An All Electric McLaren P1 For the Low Price Of $486


Looks like McLaren doesn’t really need Apple to make electric cars. Thought this is probably not what either company had in mind. The saga that was last week’s news about McLaren and Apple possibly joining in some kind of unholy love tryst between computer company and car company sort of …

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