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10 Things You Need For Winter Driving

winter driving

With all due respect to the Starks, winter is no longer coming. It is here. And it brings with it biting cold, black ice, and all manners of snow, sleet, and slush. If you’re not gonna let the white stuff slow you down, here are 10 things you need to have …

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VIDEO: How To Make A Porsche


Remember those factory videos from Mr Rodgers’ Neighborhood? If you enjoyed them well then you’re going to enjoy this! We have found the factory video motherload! The video below shows how a Porsche 911 is made from start to finish. The process starts with welding the main structure out of …

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VIDEO: Superbowl 50 Car Commercials

Audi R8 superbowl 50

Did you catch Superbowl 50? Did you catch all the car commercials? We have a recap below in case you missed it. Looks like this year Hyundai snapped up a lot of airtime to showcase the Genesis and the Elantra. Considering a 30 second spot is estimated at $5 million, Hyundai …

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State of Tesla Motors


Lately the Tesla Motors Inc. stock has been plunging ahead of its Q4 earnings call on February 10th. Over the past three months the stock has lost over a quarter of its value. We dare not speculate the root cause of the stock’s meltdown but the company has experienced some …

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Checkout these nifty Automotive GIFs


Andrea Digiorgio from Vittorio Veneto, Italy, just posted a bunch of these nifty GIFs of various automotive components on his Dribbble page. We think these are pretty cool! Make sure you give him some props over at his Dribbble page. We at Shifting Lanes want to see more! Maybe a …

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This Guy Took A Supercar On A 700 Mile Road Trip

lambo sv 1

Granddads always say “Pick the right tool for the job.” When it comes to cars, one tool usually has to do all the jobs. The one car has to do all the commutes to work, all the trips to the dance recitals, and all the trips to Costco. But there …

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Buick and Opel: Twins Separated at Birth


The details for the 2016 New York International Auto Show is trickling in, and the next piece of news is that Buick will be revealing the 2017 Buick Encore. A Buick brand PR Manager, Stuart Fowle, tells Autoblog that the new Buick Encore will join the new Cascada convertible, the …

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Top Gear’s new host is… Joey?!


That’s right folks, Joey Tribbiani, will be hosting the new Top Gear! Er.. We mean Matt LeBlanc, will be hosting Top Gear alongside Chris Evans and the Stig. This new pairing is certainly going to bring new hype and interest to the extremely popular series.   The previous Top Gear cast …

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Kia vs BMW and Audi. Get Used To It!


Hyundai has successfully shed its past image of low end and low performance vehicles. The strides they’ve made within the past decade are astounding as they pack in more feature per dollar in a much more attractive package than its former self. Its smaller brother Kia has also made similar …

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