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Lexus Likely to Delay RC-F GT3 American Debut

Lexus RC-F GT3 Front

As many of our more loyal readers know, I drive a Lexus. Specifically a ‘02 IS300 filled with straight 6, 2JZ, RWD goodness. Complete with the correct number of pedals (3). However, I can’t really get excited about their current model range, less the spectacular LFA. Sure they look and ...

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10 Reasons to Stop on RED


The National Coalition for Safer Roads (NCSR) has been warning drivers about the dangers of running red lights through their “Stop On Red Week” event. The week-long awareness program occurs yearly during the first week of August and is dedicated to sharing different aspects of safety, driving statistics, and other information. They’ve released ...

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Mitsubishi: It Was Fun While It Lasted


Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has decided to begin shutting down its plant in Normal, Illinois, concluding its 27 year production run in the U.S. with the 2015 Outlander Sport this coming November. Mitsubishi will instead focus its production out of Japan, Russia, and ASEAN countries where its pickup trucks are widely popular. The shuttering of the ...

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Project Titan: Lovechild of BMW & Apple?


Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has been in meetings with BMW for a collaboration on the development of a new all-electric car. Apple’s electric car project code-named, Titan, is rumored to use the BMW’s i3 as the basis for the new pure electric car. The project has been in the works for more ...

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Full Review: 2015 Scion FRS

Scion FRS 1

Let me spin you a yarn. A few years ago, in a land far far away in Japan, Toyota and Subaru got together in what I can only imagine is a tall, glass covered building in Tokyo and had a brief conversation. If I were to speculate, I think it ...

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Is Project Cars A Viable Option For Racing Game Fans?


The year was 2002.  Eminem was losing himself at the top of the Billboard Charts.  Nerds were flocking to see Star Wars Episode 2.  I was a Freshman In college and like most college freshmen, I focused primarily on school, girls, College Baseball, girls, and video games, not necessarily in that ...

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Is Aston Martin Looking To Get Back Into F1?


According to multiple reports (Source 1, Source 2) Adrian Newey is getting into bed with Aston Martin and helping with the design of a new road car. For those of you who don’t know who Newey is, he’s the mastermind behind Red Bull F1 as their chief technical officer. Newey ...

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The 2015 Scion FRS: Will It Reddit?


A few weeks ago I posted this thread on Reddit (r/cars sub) to see if anyone was interested in helping me figure out what to do with the Scion FRS that Scion so wonderfully gave us to drive around for a week. Many people responded with some great suggestions, and ...

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Mazda Is Unlikely To Build A Faster Miata

ND Miata 1 - MT

According to a report cited by multiple sources (here and here) yesterday, the new ND Mazda Miata is more than likely not going to get a more powerful MAZDASPEED variant anytime soon. Top Gear spoke to the head of the new Miata’s development team, Nobuhiro Yamamoto, at the Goodwood Festival ...

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Pace Notes: 2015 Scion FR-S

Pace notes main picture

Welcome to a new article series we’re starting at Shifting Lanes called Pace Notes. Here we take unfiltered, gut-reaction opinions from our latest car du jour and put them on the internet for you all to enjoy and ultimately disagree with. The goal of this series is to show that ...

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What The Hell Does “Initial Quality” Mean?

JD Power IQS award

“Reliability,” “Race bred,” “Youth movement,” “Functional sustainability,” “Class leading,” and my personal favorite “Provocative.” We as consumers and auto enthusiasts hear many phrases and buzz-words thrown around all year-long when it comes to our chosen obsession, but some of this industry slang does take on a greater meaning than just ...

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Gran Turismo: How a video game changed car culture forever

GT original logo - playstation

Once upon a time, the automobile was conceived. And it was good. Shortly thereafter, Gran Turismo was made; or so it would seem to this generation of digitally savvy automotive enthusiasts. And it was also good. Gran Turismo (GT) has been around for what seems like forever, and I’m not ...

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