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What Happened During This 1050 Horsepower Car’s Unveiling Is Truly Embarrassing

Faraday Future just unveiled their first production vehicle, named the FF 91, at the 2017 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. The electric vehicle that’s been dubbed “Tesla-Killer” finally had the chance to show off its capabilities during its presentation. A presentation which felt a lot more like a Silicon Valley style unveiling, …

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Hyundai Will Destroy Future Hot Hatches

Again, we must ask, how is this a thing? The Korean automaker released conceptual sketches back in the Summer of 2016 of a mid-engined hot hatch, called RM16. The RM name stands for “Racing Midship,” denoting a race focused mid-engined car. We were dumbfounded but excited about the news as there are so few …

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