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This Shelby GT350 Lawsuit Is Bullshit

Shelby GT350 Mustang owners are suing Ford. Well to be more specific, owners of the base model or tech package GT350s are suing Ford. Just last week on March 22, 2017, they filed a class action lawsuit against Ford claiming their transmissions and differentials were overheating during track use and …

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Edd China Speaks Out About Mike Brewer

Edd China, probably the most critical component of the Wheeler Dealers show, has announced recently that he would be moving on from the show due to a disagreement in the show’s direction. The Velocity executives felt the workshop section of the show were too difficult to produce, and a reduction of …

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Fake Exhaust Tips Have Gone Too Far

We’ve all seen them on the road and I’m sure they piss you off just as much as they do for me. Fake exhaust tips are an eyesore and they’re nothing but lies. Countless companies are using the design element more and more and it’s a disturbing trend. Exhaust cutouts, …

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