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Turbo BRZ Announced for 2017

Chug your monster and get ready for some burnouts. Your dreams have been answered. Celebrate with me world, the BRZ is going turbo. After years of begging, pleaded, and screaming the BRZ will get a healthy dose of boost. Subaru was tired of receiving your angry emails and decided boosting …

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NASCAR Bans Ovals

HUGE. MASSIVE. NASCAR has just made a stunning move to increase the popularity of the series as a whole. Many race fans think NASCAR is bullshit racing. There I said it. It’s no secret that driving around in circles is not what most Formula 1 or GT3 fans enjoy. Thought …

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Dodge To Release Dart Hellcat

In an announcement that stunned just about everyone, FCA just confirmed the release of a Dart Hellcat for 2018. The pocket-sized sedan will feature the supercharged 6.2l HEMI SRT V8 motor, along with several other goodies to make it all work in the small package. Besides the monstrosity of a …

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Destroyer Of “Real People” Commercial Finds Himself In The Spanish Version

He’s officially our favorite person on YouTube because he has gone out of his way to destroy Commercials. Awful commercials. We’ve seen him before, ruining Chevrolet’s “Real People” commercials, by editing himself in it and saying the things we would have said. He has ruined improved the Chevrolet Malibu commercial by calling out their …

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