A Used C63 AMG Is A Luxurious Old School Muscle Car

Only a few short years ago performance cars didn’t need fake engine noise. Uncorked engines were allowed to sing their songs without artificial enhancement. Although we are getting used to these fake engine noises manufacturers use today, that doesn’t make them ok. An easy cure for the disappointing exhaust note playing …

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Can A Resurrected Dino Save Ferrari?

Ferrari cannot survive without a new entry level car. In a world before competitors like McLaren, their model lineup was fine. But in today’s competitive marketplace sales mean survival, and Ferrari is missing a vital product. They Lack a strong entry-level supercar, and the only way for Ferrari to generate …

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This McLaren 720S Commercial Might Make You Cry

The name McLaren embodies a strong passion found in F1 fans. It evokes feelings of racing glory and beauty in engineering. It also represents a line of somewhat attainable sports/supercars that promise a slow trickle of F1 features. After the recent leaks of the McLaren 720S, I was very excited. But …

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