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$80,000 Car Goes From 0-Totaled In 4 Seconds

We’ve seen many examples of cars leaving meets and applying too much throttle during a 90 degree turn, only to find themselves leaving precious metal and plastic parts on the road just seconds later. Because of these crashes we have to live with the stereotype that American cars are brilliant until they try …

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“I F***ing Hit A Deer!”

Living in Shifting Lanes headquarters, it’s not rare to see suicidal deer lurch out in the middle of the road. In fact we recorded a stubborn deer standing in the middle of the road in our group drive with the 2016 Camaro. In this video Youtuber, Oneroadchopper, was recording a vlog …

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Accident Ends In Street Fight

Stop signs are there for a reason. When automobiles first became available for the masses, there were so many accidents that something universal had to be done. Laws were created and road signs developed, forming eventually to what we know today as the Rules of the Road. Alongside, a licensing system and driving …

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