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We Drive The Performance Bargain Of The Century

Back in 2008 there was a very special car that upset the elite automotive mainstays. While Porsche 911’s, Lamborghinis, Audi R8’s, Chevrolet Corvette’s and BMW M3’s reigned the automotive performance world, Nissan finally came out with their Nissan GTR and sold it at a paltry starting sticker price of a little over …

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Classic JDM Meets Classic Air-Cooled Porsche

Magnus Walker is a genius with old Porsches.  And we all know Sung Kang from his time on the Fast and Furious Movies. They are 2 guys who couldn’t be more different. Kang is clean-shaven and flies the JDM banner. Magnus, well he looks exactly what you think a Magnus would look like, long …

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The 2017 GTR Is Still A Performance Bargain

The 2017 GTR may have a higher sticker price and more ordinary performance, but it’s still an amazing car and an incredible bargain. It’s extremely difficult to stay competitive in the fast-paced world of supercars where every model year brings new advancements. The GTR may not shock the world with …

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