The Ferrari F80 Concept – Ready for Mach 1?


Pininfarina and Ferrari is a forged partnership, synonymous with super cars such as the F12 Berlinetta. For nearly 70 years, Pininfarina has designed close to 200 Ferraris, but for the first time, Pininfarina did not design the premier flagship. With the advent of the La Ferrari, in-house Ferrari designers at Maranello has set the path for the company’s hyper car segment. Can this be a signal to expect Ferrari to pave its own path for future hypercar design? With the rapid evolution and treble increase of horsepower gains within the past decade, can we expect future road cars to reach 767.269 MPH, Mach 1 Speed?

Independent Designer, Adriano Raeli, appears to answer all these questions with the F80 concept. Taking inspiration from Ferrari and Pininfarina, Adriano levels up the design to over 10,000 experience points. At a standstill, the F80 looks ready to take off. The massive inlets give a sense of down force equivalent to the weight of a building. The specifications are modest, but the visuals speak louder than words or conceptual numbers, to say the least.  The top speed is set at 310 Miles Per Hour, but it looks twice as fast.  If engineers can only multiply the performance numbers by 2.5 times, the F80 can surpass Mach 1.

Modest Hypercar Performance
– 1200 horsepower
– Twin-turbo V8 hybrid engine
– Weight: 1762 pounds
– 0-62 mph in 2.2 seconds
– Top Speed: 310 Miles Per Hour (498.897 km/h)

Specification Source: Designboom
Photos: Adriano Raeli

Written by Gregg Lanez - Contributor

At age 11, Gregg was a victim of a hit and run accident. After four stitches to the side of his skull, and left with a permanent indentation to his head, it would be safe to assume that he would develop a fear of cars. Yet the minute he earned his driver's license, his love for speed has taken him to explore his own limitations behind the wheel. Holding an International Driver's License has given him the opportunity to drive through the mountains of Montenegro and Japan. He still owns his first car, a Mitsubishi Eclipse GT and daily drives a Range Rover Evoque. He has a career with Celgene Corporation as a Patient Support Specialist, helping cancer patients obtain their treatments. Gregg also serves as an Environmental Commissioner for Jersey City, advocating sustainability initiatives and green infrastructure.


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