This Is The Best Rally Video You’ll See All Year. And It’s Only February.

Seriously, not joking on this one.

Some genius decided to cobble together what looks like a complete run with two completely different cars. Colin McRae and Carlos Sainz are legendary rally drivers. McRae famously drove many Subaru Imprezas and Sainz did his work in an Escort Cosworth. These two drivers and their cars are some of the most iconic cars every to slide around a rally turn.

The video is what looks to be a full run with both cars running the same rally stage. Honestly, it’s just the work of really good editing. However, this video brings back nostalgia like none I’ve seen recently. So sit back and take 2 minutes out of your day. You can thank me later.

(Source: YouTube)

Written by Gregson

Gregson's love affair with cars began at a young age thanks to his father who introduced him to racing. He's been a fan ever since he saw his first race live at Watkins Glen at the age of 5. He loves GT3, F1, Rally, Touring, and Le Mans styles of racing. Intermediate knowledge of internal combustion engines. Any reading done for pleasure is devoted to automotive journalism. Gregson owns a WRX and can 4-wheel drift directly into your hedges, no sweat. He currently is a Senior Copywriter for McCann Torre Lazur specializing in pharmaceutical advertising. He lives in New Jersey with his wife Kate and their dog Savannah.


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