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Lexus Learns To Fly

Spoilers/Wings are critical items to have on race cars. They provide the necessary downforce to maintain grip between the tires and the road. When cars become increasingly more powerful and faster, more spoilers and canards are necessary to ensure that all the power is effectively planted to the ground. This is where the art of engineering is crucial and why major car companies go through great lengths to analyze their cars’ aerodynamic performance in wind tunnels.

So when a drag racing tuner/aftermarket company pumps in thousands of horsepower into a Lexus ISF, more attention should have been paid to the aero department, to ensure that all that power gets grounded and the vehicle makes it to the end of the line safely and in one piece. Of course hindsight is 20/20, and we are certain Ekanoo Racing wished they hadn’t signed up for the free flight lesson.

Source: Youtube & EKanoo Racing

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