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The Boys Brainstorm The Name Of Their New Show, And It’s Hilarious!

The Boys are back in tip top shape for their new Amazon Car Show. They just released a video showing their unique brainstorming process for naming the new show, that’s set to release on Amazon Prime coming in the Fall of 2016. We suggest you re-up your Amazon Prime memberships right now, so you can get ready for the shenanigans you’ve come to expect from this trio.


Clarkson, Hammond, and May have already been seen driving a modified Merc around town, most likely for this new show. We won’t spoil anything for you except that the new Amazon car show’s name is a mouthful:


Checkout the video below!

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  1. Obviously its called gear nobs

  2. prime gear

  3. It shall be called “punch it” !!!

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