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Yes, You Can Afford A GT-R!

The Nissan GT-R is one badass vehicle. We’ve driven one during the International Motor Press Association Test Days up in Monticello, New York, and it was very capable on the street and a true blast on the track. It was so good that we have been thinking about buying one for the Shifting Lanes garage. Preferably, the latest GT-R that was just revealed at the 2016 New York International Auto Show with a totally posh looking interior. There’s no details about the pricing of the 2017 model year yet, but the 2016 model starts at a whopping $103,365! This means new GT-R ownership is limited to an exclusive group of people.gtr gtr-rearBut if you’re like us and don’t mind driving cars second hand, a great deal on GT-Rs can be had for A LOT LESS. NADA Used Car Guide has released a pretty detailed analysis on the prices of used Nissan GT-Rs and compared its levels of depreciation as newer and newer models came out. According to NADA:

After two years of depreciation, the value of a new typically-equipped MY2014 GT-R goes from $109,149 to just $64,825. That is lower than the 2-year average trade-in value of a MY2012 and nearly as low as the MY2011’s 2-year average trade-in value

Even though high-priced models tend to lose their value at faster rates than lower-priced, higher-volume vehicles, Nissan’s Godzilla is reaching a resistance level — perhaps in the upper $30,000 range — where the rate of depreciation has drastically slowed. While most cars tend to sell for less and less as they age, the GT-R is unique since its price will only fall so far before the supercar becomes such a bargain that enthusiasts can’t pass it up.gtr-values

The R35 GT-R has been around for awhile so there’s a good amount of pricing data and trends, but we’re curious what will happen to these values once the new GT-R platform comes out. For now, the MY2013 with the modest power bump to 545 horsepower, looks like a really good candidate! Head over to the source to check out more detailed analysis.

(Source: NADA Used Car Guide)

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