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The Latest Transformers Movie Is Going To Have A Whole Lot Of Ugly Cars

Perhaps we have The Fast And The Furious franchise to thank but every movie that has cars as the centerpiece requires it to be dolled up beyond recognition. The Transformers franchise has been doing the same for awhile but the latest iteration, The Last Knight, is truly going to have some horrendous looking cars.camaro-bumblebee-movieford-mustang-barricade-movie

The Bumblebee and Barricade cars were teased on Twitter not too long ago, and those pictures suggest a properly sleek and aggressive looking hero and villain cars. Now there’s a walk around video of the cars and it looks like they managed to cram a whole lot of ugly in various places we couldn’t originally see.

Seibertron.com was on The Last Knight set and got to capture some of the main car characters. From this video we’re thinking that the old MTV show Pimp My Ride is alive and doing very well. Bumblebee has received a healthy dose of carbon fiber everywhere and has grown a face for a rear bumper. Meanwhile, Barricade looks to be doing its best impression of a hedgehog with all of the spiky features around its body.

Who knows, perhaps we are wrong. Maybe these cars are beautiful and we don’t know what we’re talking about. Will these cars make you want to watch the movie?

(Source: Seibertron.com)

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