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Insane Scooter POV Proves Driver Skill Means Everything

If you’re into cars or anything that moves fast on a roadway, you likely know one thing that hold greater weight than anything else: driver skill is paramount to everything. I believe it. You should believe it if you don’t already. Those that have that skill will tell you until they are blue in the face that it’s correct. There’s only so much a car or motorcycle or whatever can do based on the laws of physics.

Another aspect of this fact is what vehicle you’re actually driving. While there are similarities, overall the skill set to pilot a car is different than the skill set needed to drive a motorcycle. Or, as in the case below, as scooter. Scooters are some of the best transportation on the planet in tight, city environments. They’re quick up to 25mph, easy to maneuver, and can park pretty much anywhere. But what happens when the skills of an expert pilot meet the nimbleness of a scooter. The following video.

Is This The Most Insane Motorcycle In Existence?

The pucker factor is off the charts on this one guys.

This video comes to us from YouTube user haico1992 where the rider pilots the scooter manically through crowded city streets that seemingly have no traffic laws. It looks like a free for all. The skill this rider has is the only thing keeping him/her upright and out of many certain death scenarios.

We’re not sure what country it’s from so if you have any idea please let us know and it will be updated in this post. Hats off to the rider. Absolutely insane.

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