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How Much Does It Cost To Build A 1,100 Horsepower Supra?

In his latest Youtube video, Rob “Spaghetti” Ferretti walks us through his experience of building and owning a 1,100 horsepower Supra. It may sound easy when you buy a clean Supra with a box of parts but that’s just the start of this saga. See the 2JZ is an incredibly strong engine. However, the stress of 1,100 horsepower amplifies any imperfections. This lead to Rob blowing up his 1st motor in only a few hundred miles. Luckily Rob is a man. He didn’t let failure stand in the way of his Supra dreams and built a new motor.

The Toyota Supra took the 90’s by storm and is still sought after today. The main reason the A80 Supra of the 1990’s is so legendary comes down to its over engineered 2JZ-GTE Inline-6. This engine is known for producing insane horsepower reliably without extensive modifications. Every car enthusiast has heard legends of  1,000 horsepower Supras built with no budget in shady garages. But when you tally up all the expenses of a professionally built example, how affordable is a 1,000+ horsepower Supra?

Well in Rob’s case he started out with a half-built project car. Buying someone else’s unfinished project is always a risk. Luckily Rob got a pretty good deal in today’s context.  This low mileage black on black Twin Turbo 6-speed came with a box of parts for only $35,000. Today any sort of good condition Supra would go for far more than that but Rob was lucky to buy this in 2007. He took the car to three separate shops over 2 years to finally complete his build. Rob Spent $20,000 plus the cost of the car to professionally build this 1,100 horsepower Supra. Unfortunately, a few hundred miles later his engine blew.

Rob didn’t let two years of waiting for a car that blew up after a few hundred miles get him down. He built a new better motor for around $10,000. This brought up his total Supra ownership cost to around $70,000. Lucky for Rob, Supras are worth a lot of money right now. And this brings us to Rob’s new dilemma, what does he do with the car? Would you drive a car that’s making money every day? Or would you store it like a trophy? Although Supras are collectors cars, I think we can all agree that they should be enjoyed instead of rotting away in a garage.

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