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The Infiniti Q60 Black S Hints At The Future Of Nissan Performance Cars

The Infiniti Q60 is a fast, handsome, capable sports coupe. It carries on Infiniti’s tradition of building gorgeous luxury coupes for the German adverse shopper. Although the Red Sport 400 offers respectable performance, it’s not enough to scare the likes of M or AMG. Well, today the Germans have been put on notice with the unveiling of the 500 horsepower Q60 Black S concept. This concept shows a Formula 1 inspired future for Nissan’s top-tier performance cars.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance owns Infiniti. They also own an F1 team. In a clear marketing ploy that follows the lead of Mercedes, Infiniti might build an F1 inspired sports car. The Q60 Black Label, I mean Black S, concept uses the Red Sport’s 400 horsepower twin-turbo V6 and an F1 style KERS system to recover power and provide instant torque. KERS systems take the kinetic energy lost during braking and stores it in a flywheel. When the extra power is needed the KERS system can introduce it increasing response and performance.  When all is said and done Infiniti hopes to produce a total output of 500 horsepower.

The use of electric motors was rumored for the next generation GTR and we believe this concept might shed light on that car’s future as well. With a strong experienced ally like the Renault F1 team working with Infiniti and Nissan, we expect big things. This might be the first car to offer an advanced drivetrain like this at a reasonable price. It also offers a lot of hope for those who feared electrification would ruin the future GTR. I would imagine a lot of the tech used in the Q60 Black S concept will make its way into the next iteration of Godzilla. We are very excited to see how this concept affects future Infiniti and Nissan products. I hope it’s not forgotten like the GTR powered Q50 Eau Rogue concept.

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